When are newborn photographs taken?

Newborn sessions are held within the first 14 days of life: between 5 and 10 days is usually the ideal time. The reason for this is at this time the babies are most sleepy and a lot more flexible, which allows us to capture all of those tiny little details.

How will we choose a session day?

Since every baby will arrive on his/her own time, we tentatively schedule your session around your due date, and then finalize the perfect day and time once you deliver. This will allow me to properly balance my schedule surrounding your due date so I can be available during those magical first few days of life after your baby has arrived. It is your responsibility to contact me when you deliver.

When should I book my session?

The best time to book your session is before the baby arrives, preferably 1-2 months before. This will ensure availability around your due date and time for planning your session.

What if I forget to book a session in advance?

If you have already given birth, please call me as soon as possible. There are times when my schedule will allow me to book a client at the last minute.

How long will the newborn session take?

The sessions usually last approximately 2-3 hours; this allows time for feeding, changing, posing, and comforting.

What if the baby is born early/late?

The session is booked based on your actual due date, but as babies work on their own schedule we will rearrange the session day to work with your actual birth date. It is your responsibility to inform me if the baby has arrived early. Usually the pictures will still need to be taken within the first 14 days.

When will I get to see the images?

Approximately 2 weeks after your session I will have the beautifully edited images for you to browse through. I will be here to help you make your final decision and help with any questions you might have.

Can I print my own photos?

Yes, I will provide you with a signed print release, which will enable you to get your own prints, birth announcements, etc. I will also provide you with the names of professional print labs where I would recommend you get your images printed to obtain the best quality.

As is typical, I do still, however, own the copyright to all of the images, so you may not alter the images in any way, give them to a third party to use, enter them in any contests, or claim them as your own.


As an experienced New Jersey newborn photographer and Philadelphia newborn photographer, these are some of my most frequently asked questions. Should you have additional questions about your upcoming newborn session or how my process works, please don’t hesitate to contact me.